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School Status Thursday, November 20, 2014

Monterey High School will have school Thursday, November the 20th, at regular time. We will be moving students to a warmer facilities by 8:30am. Each grade level will be transported to warm and safe place to have class. If you are in need of your student, you may call the school and we will contact your student or if your child needs to be picked up they can be checked out at the specific location. Look for the bright yellow sign showing you the location to enter the area to see your child.

PreK will be in their rooms at MHS
9th grade will be in the Baptist Life Center
10th grade will be at the Church of the Nazarene Life Center on Poplar
11th grade will be at the Hope in Christ (next to the Horner's Funeral Home)
12th grade and Mr. Swafford's class will be at Burks Elementary
If you have questions you may call or come to the MHS building for assistance.


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