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PEP Talks (Parent's Encouraging Parents)

My spouse and I don’t agree on how to discipline our son.

What worked with our oldest son blows up in my face with our daughter!

Does curfew REALLY matter?

All teens go through this, right? RIGHT?????
I get so tired of playing good cop/bad cop because I’m always the bad cop.

There seems to be so much yelling going on in our family. Honestly, sometimes I feel like giving up!

Sound familiar???? 


Parents, Stepparents, Grandparents, and Guardians…
You’re invited!!!

Parenting on Purpose

Breakfast refreshments for all!

Door prizes in EVERY workshop!

Childcare provided!

A workshop sponsored by PEP Talks

(Parents Encouraging Parents)

What? A workshop providing tools to


parent/child relationships!

When? Saturday, September 17, 2016

9:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon

Where? Prescott South Middle School

1859 South Jefferson Avenue

Who? All parents, step-parents, and

guardians are invited

Workshop Sessions

9:15- 10:00

- What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew…Straight from the hearts

of OUR kids

- Personality: Learn how your kids are wired and how that

impacts peer pressure, discipline, and appropriate


- Social Media and its Impact on Teens


- The 5 Love Languages: How to REALLY love your child

- Personality: Learn how your kids are wired and how that

impacts peer pressure, discipline, and appropriate


- What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew…Straight from the hearts

of OUR kids


- Setting Healthy Boundaries

- What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew…Straight from the hearts

of OUR kids

- Personality: Learn how your kids are wired and how that

impacts peer pressure, discipline, and appropriate


Ages infant to 2nd grade (CPR and AED trained staff):

Contact Jackie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 931-881-8848

Reservations REQUIRED!

Grades 3-6: Personality Workshop with the College

& Career Coaches with Putnam County Schools


Download this file (Parenting on Purpose FLYER FINAL.pdf)Parenting on Purpose FLYER FINAL.pdf[ ]240 Kb

Family Engagement

Monterey High School
Parental Involvement Plan

Monterey High School recognizes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family during the entire time the child spends in school. To support the goal of the school and to educate all students effectively, the schools and parents must work as knowledgeable partners. Parents are an integral component of a school’s ability to provide for the educational success of their children. Monterey High School acknowledges that the engagement of parents is essential to improve student achievement and that the school should foster and support active parental involvement.

In response to this commitment to initiate parental involvement, and in compliance with the legal requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Monterey High School establishes the following parental involvement plan.

The Monterey High School Parent Involvement Plan, established in collaboration with parents and the community, includes programs and practices that enhance parental involvement and reflects the specific needs of students and their families and the community.

The Parental Involvement Plan involves parents of students of all grade levels in a variety of roles. The plan recognizes that communication between home and school should be regular, two-way, and meaningful. To encourage communication with parents, Monterey High School schedules two parent-teacher conferences per semester. These conferences are scheduled near mid-quarter of each semester of the school year.

To promote and support responsible parenting, Monterey high School will develop a resource of books, magazines, and other informative material regarding responsible parenting in the school library/resource room. These materials will be advertised, and parents will have an opportunity to borrow the materials for review.

The Putnam County School System has a Family Resource Center located at 288 East Main Street, Algood, TN 38506. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the school year. The Family Resource Center is designed to encourage, enrich, and support parents in their efforts to be more involved in their children’s education. In addition to learning materials for students, the center has learning materials for parents that will enhance parenting skills and support parents. A library of books and videos is available for checkout by parents. The Family Resource Center is open to all parents who have children enrolled in the Putnam County School System. Parent input and questions are welcomed as the Family Center strives to be of service to parents with concerns about their child’s education and well-being.

As part of the Putnam County School System Family Engagement Implementation Plan, statements will be printed attesting to the school district’s commitment to parental involvement and distribute the statements to parents of students.

To encourage parents to participate as full partners in the decisions that affect their child and family, Monterey High School will frequently publish the school’s upcoming events in the local paper, school paper, and school newsletters.

Monterey High School will sponsor seminars to inform the parents of high school students how to be involved in the decisions affecting course selection, career planning, and preparation for post-secondary opportunities.

It is the goal of Monterey High School to assure an ongoing partnership between families, communities, and school. We believe such a partnership is fundamental to the academic and social success of students. From this partnership, a support will evolve that will have a positive effect on student achievement and will produce a sense of cooperative responsibility in ensuring excellence in the educational process. It is also our goal to become not just a school, but also a community facilitator for serving our residents in many areas of need. In accordance with the district plan, Monterey High School has developed the following list of activities in which parents and/or volunteers can be involved in the education process of our students:

It is our goal to complete several of the following activities during the school year:

Academic Conferences
American Legion Boy’s and Girl’s State
Athletic Banquet
Athletic booster Clubs and Supporters
Awards Assembly
Blood Drive (including community donors)
Career Fair 
Christmas/Spring Band Concerts
Christmas/Spring Musicals
Clothes Donations – Parents, Community
Community Drug Awareness
Core Night (Math, Science, English, Social Studies)
CPR/AED Training Site
Financial Aid Workshop
First Day of School Reception
Flu Shot Center
Food Drive
GED/ELL Classes, Satellite Center
Guest Speakers/Visitors
Handbooks (maintaining, updating, students)
Health Fair
Leadership Putnam Youth Academy
News Releases (newspaper, radio, cable TV)
Nurse- Hearing, Vision, and Scoliosis Screenings
Parent Education Workshops
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Progress Reports
Quiz Bowl
Reading Nights (Monterey Library)
Rotary Club
Satellite School for Adult High School
Senior Prom (Parents)
Special Education Activities
Special Olympics Activities
Spring Orientation for New Students/Parents
Title I Committee
Tour of Schools
Veterans Day Program
Web Page
Monterey High School has adopted the Putnam County Schools’ Family Engagement Plan:


Standard S-1: Family involvement is incorporated as a strategy to achieve any goal in the School Improvement Plan.

The School Improvement Plan is being revised and will include goals to be monitored through sign-in sheets and surveys in the Parental Involvement Program.
Families will be invited to participate in the development of the MHS Family Involvement Plan.
Surveys will be conducted to determine students’ and parents’ needs. 
Families will be invited to participate in the development of the MHS Title I plan.

Standard S-2: Everyone who works at the school strongly believes that family involvement is important to students’ success and academic achievement.

Teachers will use email and phone calls to inform parents of student progress. 
The school counselor will act as the family liaison, and ensure that family involvement is present at Monterey High School. 
Parent/Teacher conferences will be held twice each semester and upon request. 
MHS staff will be friendly and available to parents and visitors.
The school’s Family Engagement Policy will be distributed to each family.
The principal will allocate Title I/local funds to be used for family involvement programs.

Standard S-3: School staff use creative ways of reaching out to families who have not been involved in their children’s education.

Students and family members will be invited to attend community functions. 
A school-parent-student compact will be sent home requiring parents’ input.
Workshops will be provided for parents covering topics relating to their high-school children.
The school counselor will act as the family liaison. 
Monterey High School will plan activities in community areas to encourage parent/family participation.

Standard S-4: There is a strong partnership among school staff, students, families, and community members that increases students’ success and academic achievement.

Sponsors will be called upon to support student activities (i.e. chorus, field trips).
Colleges will be invited to discuss students’ futures and financial aid.

Standard S-5: The principal and site council provide active leadership in increasing the level and quality of family involvement in children’s education.

Title I/local funds will be used for after-school activities.
A calendar of school events will be sent to all families. (This will include activities offered at various times).
Sign in sheets will be available at school events to monitor the success of each activity. 
Surveys will be conducted after special events to identify success or needed improvement.

Standard S-6: The school is responsive to the needs of its families.

Parent/teacher conferences will be offered at convenient times for parents.
Interpreters/translations will be provided, as necessary.
Phone calls will be made at convenient times for parents.
Handouts will be sent home informing parents how they can help children excel in school.

Standard S-7: School staff, families, and community members work together to plan, put into action, and evaluate family involvement efforts.

Community leaders, parents, and school staff will meet to review the school plan and activities.
Community activities will be planned for students and their families. 
Teachers will be available to talk to parents at any time.
Conferences will be conducted with parents two times per semester, or per request.
In-services will be designed for staff development regarding the following: 
Family Involvement Programs
Family Friendly Schools 
Family Participation in Homework 
Communication between Teachers and Families
Surveys will be conducted (on-line and hard-copy) to determine areas of concern within the families (i.e. homework, drug-prevention, etc.).


Standard C-1: Families are seen and treated as partners in their children’s education by teachers and other instructional staff.

Each family will receive a discipline policy per classroom.
Progress reports and report cards will be sent home.
Teachers will notify parents of any problems, with individual students, by requesting a conference, signed note, or phone call.
Teachers will work with parents to offer the best education possible.

Standard C-2: Each family’s experience, knowledge, and culture are respected and valued by teachers and other instructional staff.

Interpreters/translations will be provided as needed.
Teachers will respect the different cultures of their students. 
Parents of different cultures and backgrounds will provide in-service meetings.
Parent Involvement Committee


Joe Matheney


Christie Nixon
Chris Pierce
Sonja Farley
Shelia Phillips


Marsha Buckner
Tammy Phillips
Marsha Buckner


Casey McCormick

Parent/Family Involvement Coordinator

Daisy Zuniga


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